Words can’t describe how important this day is. Whether you’re a Traditional Bride or Alternative Bride,

these Bridal Beauty Tips will help to make sure that your day of I do’s isn’t filled with avoidable dont’s!

Bridal Makeup and Hair Tips

+ Minimize eye puffiness with cold Chamomile tea bags, ensure that you get enough rest and drink lots of water!.

+ Use a vitamin E balm for lips in the weeks leading up to your wedding day giving you soft and supple lips for your “kiss the bride” moment.

+ Treat yourself to a spa facial no less that one week prior to your date to allow time for your skin to calm into it’s ‘treated’ glow.

+ Hire a professional Makeup Artist as they have the insight of lighting, photography and durability of makeup. Book a trial session so that you know exactly what to expect on the day and don't be afraid to ask questions.

+ For oily skin types, ensure that your artist uses only oil free mattifying products, including moisturizers. Sensitive skin types should use products created for them which are hypo-allergenic and calming.

+ For combination skin types, be sure to let your Makeup Artist know what your combination is, usually this is an oily T-zone. This will ensure that your makeup application is customized for each area

+ Use foundation, even if you usually don’t, this brings out a smooth even skin tone. Don’t be afraid to ask your artist to go lightly on the application. If you are choosing your own foundation, always test along your cheekbone or collar bone if wearing a strapless gown. NEVER on your arm as they are two completely different shades and your foundation will not be seamless.

+ Don’t use too much shimmer products as this can look greasy in pictures.

+ Use waterproof mascara, two coats on your top lashes and one thin coat on the bottom lashes. Try curling them with an eyelash curler before mascara as this gives a beautiful wide eyed look.

+ Define your eyebrows, if needed have them shaped professionally. I can’t emphasize the word professionally enough! Although over looked, brows play an extremely important part of your overall appearance.

+ Purchase your own lipstick, lip liner and translucent powder. If your artist is not staying with you the entire day, it’s great to have these handy. Have your maid of honour keep them for touch up’s throughout the day. Additionally, many artists do offer full day packages with reception changes, your trial session is a great time to discuss this option.

+ Sweat Prep! This is the strangest tip yet but trust me it works! Nerves=Sweat, combat this by using clear antiperspirant in places other than your armpits. If your dress has sleeves, you can also stick thin sanitary liners inside the sleeves to absorb the sweat and prevent noticeable wet stains on your dress.

+ Ensure that your hairstyle compliments your face and balances with your height and dress. Discuss the best options and styles with your stylist as they are trained for this. It is also a good idea to take tear sheets from magazines of styles you like.

+ For outdoor and beach weddings, soft natural hair styles compliment best, however don’t forget to take wind factor into consideration. Updo’s and chignons compliment the traditional style wedding but still there are no rules, just feel comfortable in your chosen style.

+ Have all treatments such as relaxers, trims, colour and extensions done no less than one or two weeks prior to the date. This makes it easier to style and for you to get accustomed to the new changes if any. Colour also look its best a few days old as the brassiness will have faded.

+ Use finishing products. Many people don’t use product on their hair on a day to day basis, but with the hours, emotions and dancing you want your style to last and keep up with the celebrations.