+ What I do BridesbySAJ provides luxury, on location makeup and hair services for your wedding day, engagement shoot and special event. Based in Georgia, I am available for travel outside of metro Atlanta, and destination weddings. My signature style has been describes as flawless, glowing skin, with glamorous features! Enhancing, not masking, your natural beauty. I pay attention to your unique style and create your look to compliment! Along with my expertise, I bring a full makeup and hair arsenal with various luxury and professional brands, with the option of Traditional and Airbrush makeup.

+ Why Book a Pro Professional Makeup and Hair is one of the most overlooked elements during wedding planning. It is important to remember that your photos will be with you for a lifetime.   Having your makeup done by a professional is not only one of the few pampered moments for YOU, but it  will ensure that your photographs will look the best and remain timeless. As I am also a commercial makeup artist and stylist, my expertise also includes makeup from HD Film and Television to Fashion and Beauty Editorials. This results in a perfect bridal makeup technique that is flawless and long lasting.

+ Previews and Consultations The preview session and consult is included in all booking packages! It's a great time for us to get to know each other while customizing your look! Your preview session will allow you to visualize your final look on the big day and can be set as far in advance as you prefer, however I recommend booking your preview 2-4 weeks before the big day. That gives enough time to finalize key details which can influence your beauty look.

+ On Location Services All wedding day services are provided on location, this keeps your big day prep a relaxing and luxurious experience. I strongly suggest that you keep a few key elements in mind when selecting your "get ready location" Your room should be tidy and visually appealing, after all you will be spending a portion of an important day there, which will be in your photographs! Lighting and space is also key for your artist to ensure that your experience goes smoothly.

+ Tricky Skin As a professional makeup artist, I pride myself on being hygienic with both my application methods and products used. For skin issues such as rosacea, must be mentioned prior to your trial session to ensure that your special needs will be addressed. Don't worry! they will be!

+ Tatto Camouflage Maybe you do love your ink, or maybe it was that one time you had a bit too much fun. Either way, if you would rather not have that tattoo visible on your wedding day, No problem! I offer cover-up camouflage services that are more than a "cover it with concealer" type deal. My techniques are the same used on celebrities, for HD TV and Film with a seamless, smudge proof and long lasting effect.

+ Service Timeline Services are approximately 45 minutes to 1.5 hours. Upon booking, I will work with you to create a service time line, to ensure that you are on time for photography and the main event! Depending on your booking details, additional artists will be booked if I am unable to complete all services in the scheduled time frame.

+ Your Next Step Book BridesbySAJ today, relax and get married! Contact me and let's chat!